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'Education for Life in the Love of God and Neighbour' 
Fides et Caritas - Faith and Charity 
Yr 2

Year 2 

Welcome to Year 2! 
In this class you will find Mrs Halpin (the class teacher) and Mrs Polli (the teaching assistant), working with the children and in partnership with the parents, in what we try to ensure, is a busy, lively and fun classroom, with lots of learning taking place. 
Succeeding in Year 2 means that everyone must always try their best and have a positive attitude to learning. 
The children in Year 2 are now at the top of Key Stage 1 and, with this, come the responsibility of being excellent role models to Reception and Year 1 and also the privilege of joining in, when suitable, with Key stage 2 activities. 
Year 2 have PE twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday and the children need to have their PE kit for these lessons. (Please make sure that your child’s pumps are a good fit, it is easy to forget how quickly children’s feet grow and squeezing feet into a small pair of pumps can be really painful!!) 
Also can you make sure all school clothes are named as it is difficult to distinguish between similar items of clothing. 
We suggest that the children bring their kit into school at the beginning of the term and just take it home at half term breaks to have it washed. 
We do try to change home reading books twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday (on occasions, due to staff absences, this cannot always be done). 
Can you sign your child’s reading diary so that we know an adult has worked with the child? 
We work hard at learning multiplication tables, trying to be confident with 2's, 5's and 10's tables and, if possible the 3's and 4's.  
Please help your children to learn these; it gives them a great sense of satisfaction when the y can answer questions immediately!!! If they want to carry on learning other tables then that is a great help to them. 
The children will also have a list of spellings to learn each week; this list is taken from the daily phonics lesson. Again, the children are always delighted when they get full marks in their weekly spelling test, so please help them to learn these spellings. 
Although this sounds like a long list of work to be done, we do have fun and there is always a happy and comfortable atmosphere in the classroom, where we welcome any enquiries from parents and hope that you will feel free to approach Mrs Halpin and Mrs Polli if necessary. 
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