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Fides et Caritas - Faith and Charity 
Yr 4

Year 4 

Welcome to Year 4 
In our class, we have Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs Holmes and Mrs Walsh (class teachers), Miss Lulat (teaching Assistant) and of course our wonderful children. 
We encourage all our children to be the 'best that they can be'! 
Currently we go to Westview on a Tuesday morning for swimming and enjoy PE with Mrs Walsh on a Wednesday afternoon. After Christmas, we will have PE at Preston College on Friday afternoons. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit on a Friday after Christmas. In the summer term we will be back to normal with PE on a Wednesday afternoon. Trainers are not allowed for PE in the hall. 
Reading is very important and in school we encourage children to succeed and celebrate reading through a variety of rewards. We expect your child to read each evening. Children have a homework diary where they can record their reading activity. All children who bring their reading diaries in, signed by a parent, will receive a sticker: eventually when the sticker bookmarks are complete children will receive a reward in recognition of all their (and your) hard work. 
Books can be changed daily - it is the responsibility of your child to ensure that their books are available in school each day. 
Homework is given out on Mondays and Fridays. Maths on a Monday and English on a Friday. These should be completed and handed in on the Tuesday for maths and following Wednesday for English. In addition to this, children will receive spelling homework on a Tuesday and will be tested on the following Tuesday. 
Should you have any concerns about your child whilst they are in Year 4, please do not hesitate to either arrange an appointment, or catch us on the playground after school. 
Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Walsh and Mrs Lulat 

How can we help? 

We are often asked how can we help our children at home.  
Obviously first and formost the most important thing is listening to your child reading regularly. Even if your child is a fluent reader they wil still benefit from reading aloud. As well as this, time sharing a book with your child is invaluable. There are few children who do not enjoy being read to.  
In maths, a key skill is knowing the times tables. They need to know these 'quickfire' - responding to questions such as 3x4 quickly. Help your child to know each tables fact - starting with the 10s and building up -2, then 5, then 4,6.... As they know more of the tables, it all becomes easier as they have less facts to learn for each table. 
Telling the time is also a key skill. We have been very pleased to see how you have supported your children in learning to tell the time. The pride on the children's face when they look at our class clock and announce proudly that it is e.g 'half past 11' is a pleasure to see! 
When out and about shopping, draw your child's attention to the prices/weights of items and the special offers. Encourgae them to think about what represents the best value. Handling money, paying and receiving change are all essential skills and will help your child ito become more numerate. 
Don't miss those 'everyday' opportunities to help your child become more aware of the world that surrounds them .. just discussing which sweets are better value help children to develop their thinking and understanding..  
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