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90th Birthday
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Celebrating 90 Years of Learning 
In June, St. Gregory’s R.C. Primary School celebrates 90 years since it was founded. Opening in 1926, we have served the surrounding Deepdale community by teaching over 18,000 children. 
Starting life in the attic of a former mission church, St.Gregory's has grown into a well-established part of the Deepdale area. 
We are marking the date of our founding by holding an afternoon of activities themed around each decade of our operation with a timeline of the photos donated by past pupils running through the school. The children will also enjoy a birthday picnic with past pupils and staff. 
Celebrating the year, Head Girl, Seranne Gregory, said, “We’ve really enjoying learning all about the school’s history and taking part in the activities. Making a time capsule to bury in the grounds is really cool. I’d love to know what the people living in the future think when it’s dug up!” 
Fond Memories 
Julie Hetko, a Teaching Assistant at the school and former pupil, remembers how the children used to enjoy the summer. “They would put up a big paddling pool at the back of the school and we’d spend the whole afternoon in it splashing about having fun. You don’t get to do things like that today.” Lynn Hull, another Teaching Assistant at the school, said, “When it got really hot, they used to give us all ice lollies!” 
Michelle Talbot, former pupil and now School Office Manager, has fond memories of her time there. “My lasting memory is of the old school canteen at the top of the playground. We would drink out of tin cups – I’ll never forget the taste of the tin or the smell of the canteen!” 
Past Pupils 
Many pupils from the school have gone on to success in a wide variety of careers. David Lucas, a former footballer for PNE and Sheffield United who now coaches Fleetwood FC, will visit the school to talk about his experience of studying there and his life since leaving. Two other past pupils, brothers Kevin and Farrell Kilbane, went on to play football for Ireland. 
Two of the current teaching staff and former pupils, Jenny Carlisle and Zoe Brierley, both decided to become teachers after being inspired by their former teacher Gina Wright, who is still a teacher at the school. 
Present Head, Philip Bates, said, “The 90th anniversary gives us a great opportunity to look back on the school’s history and look forward to what the next 90 years will bring. The pupils will bury a time-capsule in the grounds with information about our history and what life at the school is like now. Who knows what it will be like in 90 years? Maybe, if some of the children are sill alive they will come back and see how much it’s changed!” 
Our celebration day is on 29th June. If you have any memories as a pupil or staff member her, please get in touch. 
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